One More.....
Pub & Restaurant

Phnom Penh, Cambodia

Special lunch's upon special request

Open from 5pm until the last guest leaves

Happy hour 5pm to 7pm

We are closed on Sundays
                                 Special Event :

Come and join us for any special event or spend your
holiday with us.  They are always just around the
corner.  Give me a call ahead for having a Special
Lunch using our  inside and outside dinning.  See my
contact information.
One More Pub.Com

The pub has a style that looks of the Old World.  The place has a that
looks and feels of being traditional with all the paraphernalia with wall
items such as flags, art, and even a  library) to outside to help keep
you cool.

Just a quiet place to eat, drink and just plain enjoy yourself, and
maybe make a friend.