Food, Drinks, and a place to stay join us at
the "One More...... Pub & Restaurant"

Service 6 days a week Monday to Saturday.


You can start with Cold or hot starters (creamy pumpkin soup, cauliflower
soup, crab soup, sumer carpaccio with vegetables and salmon) from $4 to
$6,50, we can appreciate the clams in gratin, or an alsacian typical salad or a
home made paté, for example.  The main dishes from the sea, between $6,50
to $8,50 offer a grilled seabass fillet home made sauce or prawns in garlic.  
Meats have a large offer with prices from $6,50 to $14.00.  Many are made with
charcuteries, like the miscellaneous choucroutes (alsacian and byerische),
the grilled saussages with pork or veal, or porc knuckle, in large portion ! or
the black saussage with apples, delicious !

A other choice is a veal fricassee zurich style, with roesti (a fried pancake with
potatoes), a Strogonoff beef, the famous wiener schnitzel, the classical beef
tenderloin in its sauce marchand de vin (gravy wine sauce) or the fondue
bourguignonne.  Side dish are various :potatoes french fried , mashed, roesti,
or sauteed, home made noddles (spaetzle) and rice.  

The asian cooking is not forgetten with some selections like thaï beef salad,
spring rolls, amok chicken or the fried shrimps with noodles and vegetables
or the pork rib marinated singapour style, from $ 4,50 to $7.
Some classical dessert with the crepe suzette, tarts, chocolates, etc from
$3.00 and the cheese cake a local speciality.


We have rooms for rent with coffee and rolls, and with an additional fee
dinner can be included.  

If you are traveling to
Cambodia or just visiting the City of Phnom Penh, and in
need of a place to stay in a quit area.   
We have just the thing three excellent
Guest Rooms
that offers superb facilities at very affordable prices. Each room
has Air conditioning, its own bathroom, Hot & Cold Water, Showers, TV, Fridge,
Kettle, Complimentary water, etc.

**The small room rents for $18 and the larger
room $28 per night.